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We are specialized in the topic heating water with all its facets. With our production line “heating gold” we offer our customers the security doing everything right. It is a product group for all current systems and manufacturer in the field of energy production. So use our professional expertise to your advantage!


Why has water to be prepared for heating systems?

The manufacturers and components of heating systems are increasingly demanding  the preparation of filling water according to the VDI-guidelines 2035. If the filling water is not treated accordingly, the filling of the heating system could occur warranty risks for the SHK-specialized shops.

The main problems in heating systems are caused by:

• stone formation
• damage caused by water-side corrosion

The heating water acc. to the VDI-guidelines should include the following measures:

• softening
• desalination
• pH stabilization.

Simple in theory but in practice it is often too complicated for craftsmen. Different manufacturers recommend different methods of treatment. Should softened water or better demineralized water be used? What chemical additives are required to use? What should be done if the unit is already mixed with corrosion and sludge? Currently craftsmen can only buy the device and the chemicals separately and then has to do everything on his own. In case of mistakes he is the one who is liable. Therefore our company “Alpenland heating water” would like to go one step further.

Hence the professional craftsman receives all necessary materials from our company “Alpenland heating water” enabling him to make everything according to his own professional knowledge. This is combined with a fair price and competent advice because the most important thing is to train the craftsmen during the implementation.

90 % of the current market leader are working in the field of drinking water but they do not have the competence in detail the artisan needs in the field of heating water treatment.

“Alpenland Heizungswasser” has its focus exactly in this field and this will compete in practice. Additionally we are supplying the reconstituted heating water for filling the spot at its local place. So the filling water is prepared by us conforming to standards and afterwards delivered to the mentioned destination. The professional craftsman can concentrate on his normal services and in consequence the warranty risk for the workman is turned off.

If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to be at your disposal with our technical expertise.

Note: We only supply to tradesmen - not to end consumers.


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